Brand Concept

The idea of our concept is to mix the Japanese beauty aesthetic, the Wabi-Sabi with denim’s Americana past. Wabi-Sabi can be interpreted as unconventional and modest.

Thanks to the remarkable new idea, a new branch in the fashion industry has been opened by Earnest Sewn. This is only one reason that makes Earnest Sewn to an own DNA.

We always fight to be different, to be exclusive, to be selective. Therefore we follow our design principle „product sewn in earnest“.

With passion, energy and pride every single employee does its best to make our costumers happy. From design to sewing and washing, every step has its responsible specialists. Beside that we are using hand-drawn techniques. This ensures our individuality. Every costumer can find his or her perfect garment, which makes him feel like it is created only for him. Earnest Sewn makes you feel special and outstanding. So Earnest Sewn stands for quality, individuality and understatement.
We are always striving for the highest norm. No matter where, we want to be perfect. For us and most of all for our customers. We want everyone to feel sure and selfconfident in our clothes.

We are fighting for the most important good in our society. We are fighting for the right to be different. We are living our principles.

Earnest Sewn stands for a strong lifestyle identity and consistency in concept. It is more than just fashion, it is about freedom, quality and exclusiveness. It is a lifestyle. Wear it, feel it!